Austin Accountants | Meador & Jones, LLP Client Confidentiality
Meador & Jones, LLP Confidentiality Statement.
Meador & Jones, LLP confidentiality, Meador & Jones Privacy, Austin Accountants Confidentiality
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Client Confidentiality

As Meador & Jones, LLP has expanded its services and staff, we have been mindful of professional conduct and the confidentiality of the work we do.

We have people and technology in place to protect your private, sensitive information and to protect the data we collect as part of our work together. You can trust the people at our firm for client confidentiality. When choosing a tax compliance firm, this topic is very important due to the proprietary information we handle, such as mergers, acquisitions, partnerships and financial statements.

Confidentiality and privacy is also why you do not see a client list nor client testimonials on our website.

In addition, Meador & Jones follows the current accounting advice and laws regarding handling sensitive data. If you have a question about our privacy processes, please contact: [email protected]